Multipartite Patella: Diagnosis Trap
Published in the American Journal of Medical Case Reports, the authors report a case of a multipartite patella that was initially diagnosed as a patellar fracture in a traumatic context but in view of the smooth, regular and dense appearance of the fracture traits, a comparative radiological evaluation of the other knee was necessary, which precluded the diagnosis of fracture in favor of a multipartite patella with knee sprain treated by immobilization and treatment anti-inflammatory with a good evolution.

Hence the interests of performing a comparative radiological assessment of the contralateral knee in front of any patellar fracture. The multipartite patella is recognized as a developmental anomaly of ossification.

Most of them are asymptomatic and are discovered incidentally. The multipartite patella is sometimes misdiagnosed as a patellar fracture, because the x-ray images of both these conditions may appear very similar.

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