Multiple cutaneous and oral nodules in histoid leprosy: a ra
The present case appears in the British Journal of Dermatology.

A 21‐year‐old lactating woman presented with a 3‐year history of multiple painless nodules on the face (a) and hands. There was no neuropathy or thickened nerves. Intraoral examination revealed multiple erythematous, firm nodules on the hard palate, and verrucous cobblestone‐like growth on the upper gingival mucosa.

Histopathology revealed elongated, spindle‐shaped histiocytes in a storiform pattern. Modified Ziehl–Neelsen stain demonstrated multiple elongated Mycobacterium leprae with characteristic histoid habitus, suggestive of histoid leprosy.

Key takeaways:-
- Histoid leprosy is a unique variant of lepromatous leprosy that poses a diagnostic challenge.

- Mucosal involvement in histoid leprosy is rare and can mimic other histiocytoses.

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