Multiple giant intrascrotal lipomas and adenomatoid tumor of
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Intrascrotal lesions continue to provide a diagnostic challenge for urology doctors.A diagnosis can be made with a thorough history, physical examination and understanding of the pathophysiological processes of the structures contained within the scrotum. Lesions that are suspicious for malignancy should prompt urological consultation and radiological imaging. Ultrasound aids in the diagnosis in instances of uncertainty. Ultimately surgery may be necessary to make a histological diagnosis. In order to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment for the intrascrotal masses, now reports two cases of intrascrotal masse.

Case 1:
A 72-year-old male noticed a mass with no pain in the right scrotal region, and was admitted to hospital.The ultrasonography before operation was the possibility of scrotal lipoma. Tumor resections were performed. Grossly the tumor was multiple, seven well-defined, yellowish, white, and solid and the big one measuring 10x8x3 cm. The tumors had a thin capsule and were attached to the right testis and epididymis. What’s more, the final pathologica examination was scrotal lipoma.

Case 2:
A 38-year-old male presents a paroxysm pain on the left side of scrotum and was misdiagnosed with epididymitis. He was be used with the antibiotics for seventeen days and was no relieve of the symptom. Then the ultrasonography showed that the left testis was small volume and shape abnormality and with no blood supply. To be avoiding the possibility of testicular torsion the left side testicular exploration was carried on. Grossly, a tumor was being found growing into the testis intraoperative size 4cm and with a thin capsule. The tumor was soft, gray and the section was grey. The pathologic findings were adenomatoid tumor of testis and testicular inflammation...