Mumbai doctors closely monitor Eman, world’s heaviest woman;
As Eman Ahmed, the world’s heaviest woman, is under observation at Saifee hospital in the city, bariatric surgeons say that the road to a healthier life could be a long one.

“A special gene study will also be undertaken for the 91 different types of genes isolated with obesity related syndrome,” he said. Eman may need a couple of bariatric procedures at optimal times to achieve best results, Dr. Lakdawala said.

Leading bariatric surgeons say the treatment would have to first begin with intensive physiotherapy. “Such patients normally tend to be deficient in nutrition. She (Eman) will probably need another two to three months to lose enough weight to stand on her feet first,” said Dr Jayshree Todkar, Secretary, Obesity Surgery Society of India. “The surgery is done in stages. The first step could be to bring her down to 350 kg and then the weight reduction target could be raised,” she added.
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