Mumbai study: 58% of Streptococcal throat infections resista
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A study conducted in Mumbai has shown that in 58% of bacterial throat infections, caused by streptococcus pyogenes, is resistant to azithromycin but not to amoxicillin.

Samples for the study were collected in February and March, when doctors in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai saw an ‘outbreak’ of bacterial throat infections in children. Once it was confirmed that the infections were bacterial and not viral, the samples were collected from 12 children using a specialised cotton swab. The DNA sequence analysis found that the bacteria is resistant to azithromycin, which is a commonly prescribed antibiotic.

The doctors believe that since azithromycin is being prescribed more often than other antibiotics, it leads to overuse which helps in building the resistance to the infection. Even though amoxicillin is the preferred choice for throat infection treatment, azithromycin is used more often due to its low dosage requirement and high profit margin.

Last month, WHO recognised antibiotic resistance as a global threat and has stated that it could act as a hindrance in the progress of medicine...
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Dr. D●●●●●●●●●a S●●●●●●●●●●●h Diabetology
Present trend prescribed azthromycin is drug of choice and prescribed extensively. commonly extensive use of above drug leads to resistance. so I commonly prescribed amoxicillin for recurrent infection. for youth and not exposed recurrent infection better to give azthromrcin.
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Thats somehow true based on my clinical experience
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