Munna Bhai impact? Medical exam invigilator checks students'
When Sanjay Dutt took assistance to pass the medical entrance exam in 2003's hit Munna Bhai M.B.B.S, the crowd cheered for the aspiring doctor.

However, a recent clip of invigilators preventing students from cheating during the medical entrance exam has left several talking on the microblogging site Twitter.

The clip, that has caught the attention of many, shows invigilators walking up to students and making sure that the aspiring doctors aren't indulging in cheating, by checking their ears for possible Bluetooth earbuds.

Uploaded by Raju Narisetti, a journalist, the video shows those monitoring the exams using Otoscope to ensure no one got help from the outside world.

"In India, where the annual medical entrance exam is a huge hurdle for tens of thousands, see how monitors walk around checking ears of students for hidden, small bluetooth ear-buds that might be used to relay exam answers from outsiders. #jugaad," wrote Narisetti.

Watch how students’ ears are checked for Bluetooth devices during medical entrance exam in the video here:

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