Mx of C-shaped root canal configuration in mandibular 2nd mo
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The present case has been reported in BMJ. The C-shaped root canal configuration is an anatomical variation of root fusion and a type of taurodontism commonly seen in the mandibular second molar with prevalence ranging from 2.7% to 45.5% in different populations.

In this configuration, the root canals are connected by slit or web with varying anatomy along the root length which makes thorough debridement obstacle for the clinician. Cone-beam CT (CBCT) is a three-dimensional imaging technique that facilitates and improves understanding the complex morphology.

This article presents a case of C-shaped root canal configuration of mandibular second molar managed by using CBCT and modification in obturation techniques.

A 40-year-old female patient reported with pain in the lower left back teeth region. Medical history of the patient was unremarkable. Intraoral examination revealed deep class I carious lesion on tooth 37 with tenderness on percussion. Thermal test was performed to check the vitality of the tooth which revealed dull pain, which was increased by heat and relieved by cold.

Radiographically, deep dental caries was seen involving pulp without any periapical changes, there was radicular proximity of mesial and distal roots, a large distal canal and blurred image of a third canal in between.

Learning points
• Usage of diagnostic aids like cone-beam CT and operating microscopes help in understanding the anatomical variations.

• Continuous circumferential anticurvature filing along the periphery of the C-shaped root canal assisted with ultrasonic activation of sodium hypochlorite enhances tissue removal.

• Modifications in obturation techniques like lateral and warm vertical condensation help in increasing the adaptation and density of filling.

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