Mx of Intestinal Magnetic Foreign Body in a 5 year old
A five years old male child presented to pediatric surgical department with complain of distention and colicky pain in abdomen since 4 hours. There was history of one episode of bilious vomiting one hour ago. There was alleged history of ingestion of magnetic foreign body 2 days back but not sure of how many. There was no history of respiratory distress at time of ingestion. On physical examination, he had tachycardia with abdomen distension, tenderness in epigastrium and umbilical region of abdomen and increased bowel sound.

X ray of abdomen revealed dilated small bowel loops with a radioopaque shadow in central abdomen (Figure 1). Leukocyte count was 13000/mm3. Hemoglobin, urea creatinine and serum electrolytes were normal....

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