Mx of a massive compound odontoma in a 9-year child
The present case has been reported in the journal Contemporary Clinical Dentistry. A 9-year boy reported with a chief complaint of pain and swelling in mandibular left posterior region since 1 year. The swelling was small initially that increased gradually over a period of time to present size with pain aggravating on mastication.

The swelling was firm and slightly painful on palpation. Intra-oral examination of affected side revealed presence of a grossly carious, retained 74. An oval shaped swelling was noticed over buccal gingiva extending from mesial margin of 33 to distal margin of 35 anteroposteriorly measuring approximately 3 cm and superoinferiorly 1.5 cm in dimension. Adjacent 33 was partly erupted and revealed slight mesial displacement as compared to contralateral 43.

Patient was advised an IOPA and OPG that revealed presence of multiple dense radio-opaque structures contained in a radiolucent cavity surrounded by a corticated border in relation to apices of carious 74. Based on clinical signs and radiographic findings, the condition was provisionally diagnosed as compound odontoma.

After all investigations, profuse local anesthesia of associated area was achieved by mandibular nerve block and local infiltration technique. The retained 74 was extracted and full thickness trapezoidal mucoperiosteal flap from mesial margin of 33 to distal margin of 35 was reflected to visualize the area. A bony window was prepared through occlusal cortical bone and about 36 denticles were removed carefully along with the capsule.

The unerupted 34 was exposed to facilitate its eruption and sharp bony margins were rounded off. The mucoperiosteal flap was sutured back with 3-0 black braided silk. The patient was prescribed suitable antibiotics and analgesics for 5 days and recalled after 1 week for suture removal.

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