Mx of attempted suicide by ALLOUT mosquito repellant
Prallethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid used in vaporizing mats and liquid vaporizers against mosquitoes. We report here the consequences of intentional direct instillation of prallethrin into the pleural cavity and subsequent management.
Case Report
A 27-year-old male attempted to commit suicide by injecting 5 ml of prallethrin (liquid mosquito repellent, marketed as ALLOUT) into the left third intercostal space adjacent to the sternum and was admitted within an hour through emergency room into the critical care unit.
On admission, the patient was alert, hemodynamically stable and had no respiratory distress. He had mild abdominal pain. The initial laboratory investigations, arterial blood gas analysis, and chest X-ray were normal. However, as pain continued to increase over the next 24 h, computed tomography scan of the chest and abdomen was done and found to be normal....