Mx of bilaterally immature permanent teeth using various Rx
Management of immature permanent teeth exhibiting symptomatic or necrotic pulp is clinically challenging. Appropriate diagnosis and case selection, and good management, ensure good outcomes.

In this case report the authors describe the management of the bilateral, immature, permanent mandibular first molars of a 5.6-year-old male who exhibited reversible pulpitis of the mandibular first right molar (tooth #46) and normal apical tissue and pulpal necrosis with asymptomatic apical periodontitis of the mandibular first left molar (#36) is presented.

The former tooth was managed using vital pulp therapy (pulpotomy) and the latter employing revascularization. Follow-up examinations revealed complete formation of the mesial and distal roots of tooth #46, complete formation of the mesial root, but incomplete formation of the distal root of tooth #36, with radiolucency evident within the root.

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