Mx of class II divi 2 malocclusion using molar-to-molar appl
The present case has been reported in the Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society.

A 13 years 6 months male, reported with the chief complaint of irregularly placed teeth. Clinical examination and analysis of records showed that he had an Angle's Class II molar relationship on a Class II skeletal base with retrognathic mandible and deep mentolabial sulcus.

There was reduced vertical proportion. The incisor relation was class II division 2 with moderate crowding in the lower arch. Oral hygiene status was fair to poor. Lips were competent at rest.

Treatment involved orthodontic fixed appliance mechanotherapy using metal brackets with 0.018 × 0.025 MBT prescription. Correction of anteroposterior (A-P) skeletal discrepancy was done using fixed functional appliance (AdvanSync2). Optimal orthodontic and esthetic result was achieved by nonextraction treatment protocol.

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