Mx of giant retinal tear with microincision vitrectomy & ret
The present case has been published in the journal BMC Ophthalmology.

A 53-year-old male presented with blurred vision of his right eye for one week with floaters and obscured sensation over nasal visual field. Ocular examination showed a 120 degree giant tear with large inverted flap and retinal detachment of his right eye. The BCVA was only naming digit.

Under the impression of giant retinal tear with retinal detachment, 23-gauge pars plana vitrectomy were performed using Constellation high speed vitrectomy system and Topcon non-contact wide angle viewing system. During surgery, the vitreous was removed and perfluorocarbon liquids (PFCL) was injected to help unfolding the large inverted retinal flap.

Three retinal tacks were applied to help fixating the large inverted retinal flap. Then, fluid-gas exchange, endolaser photocoagulation and intraocular silicone oil tamponade were performed as well. Initial reattachment of his right retina was achieved and his best corrected visual acuity improved to 0.3 of his right eye postoperatively. There was no recurrent retinal detachment during follow up period of 19 months.

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