My Fight With COVID-19: A Doctor’s Story
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Early morning one day, I received a call from my colleague saying that a patient admitted under our care, had tested positive for COVID-19.

As all the doctors in the department had been seeing him for quite some time, we were required to get tested for COVID-19. None of us were symptomatic.

"All my colleagues got a ‘negative’ report but I was told in the evening the next day that I had tested positive for COVID-19."

Dutifully, I told my positive status to the CMO of my district (I live in NCR but work in Delhi) and was ordered to be isolated in the hospital.

Confusing guidelines notwithstanding, my wife being a doctor herself felt obliged to test herself in the interest of the safety of her patients. My elderly mother was also tested.

After they both tested negative I heaved what was more than a sigh of relief. The police in two states swung into action and I must say that they were doing a good job in contact tracing.

But what I did not bargain for, was the treatment meted out to one of my employees and his family who in any case was not coming to the clinic ever since the lockdown (a good 21 days before I was admitted). They were harassed and hounded by the RWA as a family and were not allowed to enter their own house unless they produced a negative report for every member of the household.

I was portrayed as a perpetrator of the disease rather than a victim. The news of my being positive went viral and a mainstream media channel also made a video of my house and the clinic identifying the ‘culprit’. This kind of behavior pained me more than the disease itself.

I was determined to defeat the virus. Since I was determined to recover, I worked towards it by following the instructions of my treating physician; by continuing to walk in my closed room itself for 45 minutes each, morning and evening and doing ‘Pranayam’ for 15 minutes every morning.

Post-discharge, I was quarantined for an additional 2 weeks; even my wife was in-home quarantine for 4 weeks despite being negative throughout. But I guess, not much is known about the virus so far, hence the guidelines would keep changing.

This article has been written by a doctor from Delhi

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Gods saves you all..
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Most of the doctors are going through a tough time, feel very sad about it.
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