My friend's mother has been taking medications for diabetes
Swetha Suresh Babu
My friend's mother has been taking medications for diabetes with neuropathic pain in her leg for past 1 year, the following are the medications Gabantin 100,maxgalin 75, Rabekind,metaglaz she also suffers from nutritional deficiency for which she took fourts b tablet . Today she got her first covaxin dose, does these medications has any drug interactions with vaccine can she continue the treatment?
Dr. D●●●●i S●●h
Dr. D●●●●i S●●h Internal Medicine
In the above case, there is no rationale in combining gabapentin and pregabalin, better to increase the dose of pregabalin. As pregabalin does not have a faster onset of action, my preference for painful neuropathy, to begin with, is amitryptiline with or without pregabalin over and above emphasize for two points, firstly, getting good pain relief in painful neuropathy is very difficult in some patients, second good control of diabetes is a very essential part of the management of this complication. Lastly, some patients respond and habituated to tramadol-like drugs.... Read more
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