My son is 7years old he is suffering from (amblyopia)in hi
Dr. Mouazam Mubashir
My son is 7years old he is suffering from (amblyopia)in his RE as per doctors Diogeness his LE is normal Doctors have advised me to patch his LE for 4 to6 hours in this way his RE will activate sir please ,is this proper treatments i hope you will give me proper medication /suggestion
Dr. S●●●●i D●●●i
Dr. S●●●●i D●●●i Ophthalmology
Yes, patching of the better eye is routinely advised for the treatment of amblyopia. does he have spectacles?
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Dr. A●●●n G●●●●e M●●●●●l
Dr. A●●●n G●●●●e M●●●●●l Ophthalmology
Patching along with proper correction of any refractive errors. 3 monthly review. Amblyopia responds better below 10 yr age. Have patience through the process, takes time for recovery.
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