Myxoid liposarcoma of the hand: A rare entity
Hand liposarcomas are not well recognized in common practice, which leads to erroneous diagnostics and delayed proper treatment.

Published in the J Clin Orthop Trauma, the authors report a case of a myxoid liposarcoma classified as stage IIb, and developed in the palmar side of the left hand in a 38-year-old man. There was an initial tumor reduction by a sclerosing agent injection that proved to be a failure.

An open excisional biopsy confirmed the diagnostic after pathology examination. Recurrence occurred after 2 years, followed by a second resection and an adjunctive radiotherapy. At 5 years follow-up, the patient was recurrence free.

Key takeaway:-
Although myxoid liposarcoma is rare in the hand, it should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a painless soft tissue mass in this region.

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