NEET 2017 All India Quota Admissions: 50.5% Reservation for
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In what would be a reversal of the generally followed protocol, more than half (50.5%) of the medical seats under the 15% All India Quota for NEET 2017 will be reserved for the General/Open Category students.

NEET 2017 was taken by approx 4.5 lakh students this year for 65000 MBBS and 25000 BDS seats. 15% of these seats fall under the All India Quota and 85% under the state quota.

As per the CBSE Notification, the reservation of the 15% All India quota seats is as follows:

1) Scheduled Caste - 15%
2) Scheduled Tribe - 7.5%
3) Other Backward Class - NCL - 27% ; which leaves 50.5% seats for the Open category students

This was first mentioned in the CBSE NEET Information Bulletin 2017: “Candidates from creamy layer and those who do not come under Central list of OBC are advised to mention their category as Unreserved (UR)." Also in a statement to NIE, Union health Secretary C K Mishra said "Counselling for reserved (49.5 per cent) and unreserved (50.5 per cent) category students will happen separately this year."

This matters because earlier, admission for reserved seats took place only after the open quota seats got filled, which meant that a SC candidate with better merit could opt for a general seat and hence open up a seat for another reserved category student.

While the earlier reservation policy ensured a minimum number of seats for students from backward communities, this policy shift appears to effectively put a cap on the number of seats for which reserved category students can compete.

More details about Counselling expected soon.

Source: The New Indian Express
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This is not a good option
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This is good and the caste based quota system should be lifted once and for all.
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