NEET mandatory for admissions in BAMS & BHMS
The admissions orders of 100 students, who were admitted in BAMS, BHMS courses in Ayurveda and Homeopathy colleges were cancelled, as the Gujarat High Court has refused to give them admission considering that their 2018 admissions that was granted by private colleges based on Higher Secondary marks while not considering the NEET.

The court, dismissed a batch of petitions held that the only criteria to fill vacant BAMS and BHMS seats is qualifying NEET examination, which was one of the mandatory eligibility criteria for getting admission in MBBS/BDS.

The issue came to notice when a few seats remained vacant after the counselling rounds for admission in BAMS and BHMS courses in 2018. The empty seats were given to the concerned Institutions for giving up the admissions as per the Regulations and as per the criteria laid down by the Ministry of Ayush.

The court order stated that "No candidate shall be admitted in MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS and BNAT courses in Government Seats, Management Seats, and NRI seats unless he/she possesses minimum qualifying standard in HSC examination and NEET of the current academic year, as may be decided by the respective Council/Central Government and fulfils eligibility criteria under these rules."

Source: Gujarat High Court Order

The court order issued:
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Dr. V●●●●t J●●n
Dr. V●●●●t J●●n Internal Medicine
Its true every course has its own importance. I have seen patients responding well to ayush or homeopathic treatment well and even sometimes better than Allopathy. But the truth is we are losing our traditional guidelines in ayurvedic literature and more no of BAMS and BHMS are prescribing allopathic medicines. I am not in favour of Mixed pathy but its gaining popularity. This is sad considering that Ayurveda have so much potential and its seems like doctors like BAMS do not have trust in their own form of medicine.... Read more
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Dr. V●●●●●a R●●●●t
Dr. V●●●●●a R●●●●t Emergency Medicine
I hav read comments of some dr' s who talks foolish abt ayush! being a dr. u should thing abt betterment of patient, u cant shout for satisfying ur ego in front of everyone. one who is literate might be knowing abt uses of alternative pathies if u dnt know than kindly treat pcos, endocrinal and psychological dz. u hav no treatment of many dz. in ur pathy. Every pathy is imp on their own including allopathy. i dnt say allopaths are fool nd pathy is waste. i vl love to accept anything for betterment of my patient. no matter watever it is!... Read more
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Dr. V●●●●●a R●●●●t
Dr. V●●●●●a R●●●●t Emergency Medicine
Its better to be a ayush dr. than becoming mbbs on donation and quota system. such ayush dr' s are more worty than Baap ke paise pr lehar mbbs so called dr' s!
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