NEET may become must for foreign medical courses
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The Union health ministry may soon make the National Eligibility Entrance Test mandatory for students who travel abroad for undergraduate medical courses, Medical Council of India officials have said.

A ministry has suggested that students who do not clear NEET should not be given the `no objection certificate' to study in foreign universities. Without the no-objection certificate it will be impossible for students to practice in India. They will neither be allowed to sit for the screening examination nor be registered by medical councils as doctors. The move will also make the entry level qualification for medical education equal for all candidates.

The Indian Medical Council Act, 2001, mandates citizens with undergraduate degrees from outside India to clear the screening test conducted every June and December, with a 50% score, before doing a one-year internship in an MCI-recognised medical college. The number of students taking the test has doubled, but the pass percentage dropped from 50.12 in 2005 to 10.7 in 2015. In this period, the pass rate fluctuated around 20%, dropping to an all-time low of 4.93% in June 2014, when only 293 students passed. While most students claim the test is tough and questions are from PG medical tests, National Board of Examination officials say the question paper is similar to the one given to Indian students appearing for NEET PG. There is no negative marking.
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Atleast some good dicision to prove ,prwsence of mind is must even if you have money otherwise just on the basis of money only moron doing MBBS and playing with the life of patients.
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