NEET(PG) 2017: US based Prometric Testings says its software
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Prometric, the US-based company that conducted NEET 2017 has admitted to Delhi Police that their software “can be breached” as part of the investigations into alleged hacking of the examination software. The crime branch also stated that the hacking was planned way in advance it went even to the extent of telling students which examination centre they should opt for so that they could cheat.
Prometric had subcontracted with CMS IT Services to hire engineers, site supervisors and other staff to prepare exam labs and for actually conducting the exams at various exam centres from December 5 to December 13. Later, CMS had further tied up with Apex Services to provide manpower and technical staff at the examination centres. These agents and sub agents had managed to break open the security system of Prometric and provided internet access to their "students".
Police have so far identified 30 doctors, and “sought permission for their arrest from the joint commissioner of police (crime)
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Dr. R●●●●●●r S●●●●a
Dr. R●●●●●●r S●●●●a Hospital Administration
Most shameful and unfortunate...fairness in all competition exam is the commited responsibility of is more important than buying war weapons.all involved should be searched and punished hard.
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Very very shameful. All involved should be punished severely .
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Its just another scam not acceptable
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