NIA arrests Bengaluru ophthalmologist on charges of developi
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The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested an ophthalmologist in Bengaluru for allegedly being in touch with Islamic State operatives, reports said on 18 August.

Abdur Rahman, 28, working at MS Ramaiah Medical College, is also accused of developing a medical application to help injured Islamic State cadres in conflict zones and a weaponry-related application to help further the terror group's activities in the country.

News18 reported that Rahman has been booked under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). He was taken into custody on 17 August in connection with the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) case being probed by the agency.

The NIA has found that Rahman allegedly toured Syria, and visited an Islamic State medical camp in early 2014. Reports added that he stayed with Islamic State operatives for 10 days before returning to India.

The college where Rahman was studying "was taken aback by questions regarding one of their faculty members," News18 reported.

"He was admitted to the college in 2017 under the government quota, through the Karnataka Examinations Authority (conducted by the state government). The college is not aware of his activities outside the campus," the college said in a statement.

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Unfortunate that a doc is involved
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Poor mindset, nourishing from INDIA and indulging in anti-Indian activities ,if true his license should be immediately cancelled and should face law.As a doctor we have no religion all patients are same to us irrespective of their religion.
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