NMC Bill passed by Rajya Sabha: On its way to become a Law
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Today the much-awaited NMC bill which was passed in Lok Sabha previous week has been passed by the Members of the Rajya Sabha.

The Bill was passed by the majority of the Members of Rajya Sabha, making it's way clear to the Presidents Office.

The main Highlight of this bill is that the Bill proposes a common final year undergraduate examination called the National Exit Test (NEXT) for the students graduating in medical institutions to obtain the license for medical practice. This test will also serve as the basis for admission into post-graduate courses at medical institutions under this Bill.

Functions of NMC: It will function as a central body for
(1) Framing policies for regulating medical institutions and medical professionals
(2) Assessing the requirements of healthcare-related human resources and infrastructure
(3) Ensuring compliance by the State Medical Councils of the regulations made under the Bill,
(4) Framing guidelines for determination of fees for up to 50% of the seats in private medical institutions and deemed universities which are regulated under the Bill.

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Source: Rajya Sabha TV
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