Nasopharyngeal teratoma: An unusual cause for respiratory di
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Respiratory distress is a common clinical pathology needing NICU care. Most of the respiratory pathology is related to lower respiratory tract. Unless the baby manifests stridor, no ENT evaluation would be done commonly. The index case manifested like lower respiratory pathology but noted to have a mass in the nasopharynx requiring surgery.

Case Report
A 1-day-old male neonate was admitted into neonatal intensive care unit because of respiratory distress noticed 1 h after the delivery. The baby was delivered by normal vaginal delivery in another hospital at term gestation. Birth weight was 3000 g with APGAR score of 8 and 10 at 1 and 5 min, respectively. There was no history of consanguineous marriage. The baby was referred to our hospital in view of respiratory distress with desaturation noted an hour after the delivery. The baby was transported by ambulance by road with endotracheal tube in situ and connected to transport ventilator. On examination, he was maintaining saturation above 95% on FiO2 of 0.3. Head circumference, length, and weight were between 25th and 50th percentile. Oropharyngeal examination revealed a mass in the nasopharynx extending into the oropharynx. Chest Roentgenogram was normal. Echocardiography showed no abnormality. Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a pedunculated soft tissue mass occupying the nasopharynx extending inferiorly into the oropharynx and. It measured approximately 16 mm × 24 mm. The pedunculated mass was excised and sent the specimen for histopathological examination which demonstrated ectodermal, mesenchymal, and glial tissue suggestive of nasopharyngeal teratoma. He was extubated on the 3rd day of life and the course in the hospital was uneventful. He continued to be hemodynamically stable on direct breastfeeding before got discharged well on the day 6 of life....;year=2017;volume=6;issue=2;spage=109;epage=111;aulast=Venkatesh