Neglected case of meningoencephalitis
Dr. Rashmeet Arora
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Dr. A●●●●●●●u K●●●r
Dr. A●●●●●●●u K●●●r Orthopaedics
When fever occurs, usually paracetamol is drug that is routinely used. how can a nonmedical man think about such type of rare disease. in school tours i know that there are fixed schedule and i think it is very difficult to deviate from that schedule. school administration also take a qualified doctor's fitness certificate from Guardian that my child is fit for particular activities and have no disease. fault may be anywhere but it is unfortunate.... Read more
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Dr. R●●●●●●t A●●●a
Dr. R●●●●●●t A●●●a General Medicine
No offenses, but if fever persists even after giving PCM, it is advised to visit a local doctor. on top of that, the kid had fainting attacks and other associated symptoms which required medical attention. No schedule can be more important than a child's life. about the undertaking you mentioned, how can a doctor know if the disease is in its incubation period. No one conducts routine tests for meningococcal meningitis... it is purely case of ignorance on the part of faculty.... Read more
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Dr. M●●●●●●r D●●●●●●●e
Dr. M●●●●●●r D●●●●●●●e Paediatrics
As already mentioned, it's difficult to diagnose in incubation period, But at least if they made since re efforts after child's condition persisted after giving PCM,child's morbidly could definitely lessened.
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