Neonatal neuroblastoma presented with respiratory distress,
The most common neonatal tumor is neuroblastoma and adrenal gland is the most common site of involvement. 11–26% of this tumor is seen in the thorax of neonates. Due to a similar appearance of the mediastinal tumor with pneumonia, a high index of suspicion is necessary for early diagnosis of this disorder.

A 17-day -old female and term neonate delivered by caesarian section was reported in the study. The mother had a normal pregnancy without any reported complications. The newborn admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in her hometown, because of respiratory distress, stridor, and tachypnea which was started from 7 days of life and due to lack of recovery and persistent respiratory symptoms, the patient referred to our hospital.

In chest X-ray, opacity in the right upper lobe of the lung was seen. In barium study, a mass like lesion in the size of 35.34 mm adjacent to upper intra-thoracic esophagus with mild mass effect was observed and in CTS a posterior mediastinal mass with severe compression on the trachea and extension to the spinal canal was reported. Due to severe obstruction on the airway, the baby underwent emergency surgery and a mediastinal mass with adhesion and involvement of the ribs and spinal cord was resected. The final diagnosis of poorly differentiated neuroblastoma was confirmed by biopsy.

Source: Respiratory Medicine case reports

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