Neuroblastoma in early childhood: A rare case report
Published in the journal Contemporary Clinical Dentistry, the authors report a rare case of neuroblastoma in a 3-year-old child presenting classical oral manifestations such as bilateral palatal swelling, rolled border ulcer on the posterior part of hard palate adjacent to primary molars, and bilateral proptosis.

A 3-year-old boy reported with the chief complaint of swelling and bleeding from the maxillary left posterior region since 1 month. History revealed fever and bilateral swelling of eyes since 1 month, for which the child has underwent medication from local doctors.

General examination revealed weak, thin built boy with bilateral proptosis having difficulty in speech, eating, and swallowing since 1 month. No abnormalities of hand and feet were observed. Intraoral examination revealed soft, fluctuant, tender bilateral diffuse bluish swelling of posterior part of hard palate adjacent to the primary molars.

Primary maxillary left molars were displaced buccally. A single ulcer with rolled borders was seen extending from the distal part of the maxillary left primary second molar to the tuberosity area. Tooth bud of the permanent maxillary left first molar was displaced occlusally.

Based on the clinical and radiographic features, a provisional diagnosis of malignancy was made. Bone marrow smear showed round tumor cells arranged in cohesion clusters and sheets having hyperchromatic nuclei. Ferrous arrow showed rosette formation. These features were suggestive of malignant round cell tumor.

During this period, the crown of the permanent maxillary left first molar exfoliated. To more accurately depict the lesion CBCT of maxilla was planned.

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