Nevus lipomatosus cutaneous superficialis on the shoulder: A
Nevus lipomatous cutaneous superficialis (NLCS), a rare hamartoma, is pathologically characterized by hyperplasia of the adipose tissue in the dermis. It is a protruding lesion of the skin, and is often diagnosed dermatologically; thus, radiological examination is not frequently performed, and most radiologists are not familiar with the disease.

At birth, a male infant had an infantile hemangioma-like lesion on his right shoulder. The length of its major axis was approximately 3 cm, it was red in color, and its surface was smooth and protruding. He had undergone multiple laser treatments at another hospital, but the mass had become markedly enlarged. When the infant was 1 year of age, the surface of the mass was slightly red and lobulated, and it was approximately 6 cm in diameter. This was not typical of an infantile hemangioma, and a malignant tumor could not be ruled out, so he was referred to our hospital.

On MRI, the mass protruded outward from the lateral side of the right shoulder. On T2-weighted images, the epidermis side was thick and exhibited intermediate signal intensity; further, some cystic high signal intensity areas were recognized.

Source: Radiology case reports

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