New Food Compass To Grade Healthfulness Of Food
Researchers have developed a novel nutrient profiling system that grades the healthfulness and harmfulness of foods based on their nutrients, ingredients, processing characteristics, phytochemicals and additives. They have developed and validated an NPS, the Food Compass, to incorporate a broader range of food characteristics, attributes and uniform scoring principles. They scored 54 attributes across 9 health-relevant domains: nutrient ratios, vitamins, minerals, food ingredients, additives, processing, specific lipids, fibre and protein, and phytochemicals. The domain scores were summed into a final Food Compass Score (FCS) ranging from 1 (least healthy) to 100 (most healthy) for all foods and beverages. Content validity was confirmed by assessing nutrients, food ingredients and other characteristics of public health concern; face validity was confirmed by assessing the FCS for 8,032 foods and beverages. The FCS differentiated food categories and food items well, with mean?±?s.d. ranging from 16.4?±?17.7 for savoury snacks and sweet desserts to 78.6?±?17.4 for legumes, nuts and seeds. In many food categories, the FCS provided important discrimination of specific foods and beverages as compared with NOVA, the Health Star Rating or the Nutri-Score. This Food Compass provides an NPS scoring a broader range of attributes and domains than previous systems with uniform and transparent principles. This tool will help guide consumer choice, research, food policy, industry reformulations and mission-focused investment decisions.

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Nutritional supplements and usefull indications is to be welcomed.
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