New Retirement age for government doctors - 65 years
On Thursday, while addressing a rally at Uttar Pradesh, PM Narendra Modi said that there is a need for more doctors across the country, but it had not been possible to fill this gap in the two years of his government. His cabinet will take a decision in this regard and the retirement age of government doctors would be made 65 years, he said.
The new retirement age applies to non-teaching and public health specialists and general duty medical officers to 65 years.
Quite a few medical bodies however feel that this is not the best solution to solve the manpower issue involving doctors. They instead propose a different solution - regularise temporary lecturers and give time-bound promotion and time-bound pay scale to medical teachers.

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Time bound promotions are welcome. But it should be based on stricter criteria of efficiency .Other wise we will be adding burden on the society
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