New Ultrasound Tool Launched For Quick Covid Scan
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While the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up several challenges to health workers catering to the patients, GE Healthcare has launched ultrasound systems that will help them in quick and easy detection of one’s condition as well as reduce the risk like exposure to the virus during the screening and treatment of patients with novel coronavirus in hospitals.

During the second wave of the pandemic, there is a strong need for precise and accurate treatment of patients. Clinicians need to have an accurate assessment of a patient’s heart and lungs, but this might put them at risk of contracting the virus. “Keeping that in mind, we introduced the venue family – a group of three ultrasound products that meet all the key needs of clinicians and are equipped with AI features for better treatment of Covid patients,” Ashit Shah, head of ultrasound, GE Healthcare, South Asia, told.

The company developed its own platform to virtually launch the product simultaneously in South Asia, including Kolkata and Bengal markets, on May 15 and 16. Asked whether the utility of the tool is restricted to Covid treatment only, Shah explained that after the pandemic gets over, it can be used for critical care, OT, neonatology, musculoskeletal management and pain management among other medical areas.

“Clinicians are continuously seeking diagnostic equipment that can help them accurately diagnose and treat patients,” Shah said.

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