New insight in the architecture of the quadriceps tendon
Background: Published data regarding the structure of the quadriceps tendon are diverse. Dissection of the
quadriceps muscle group revealed that beside the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus intermedius and vastus
medialis a fifth muscle component– named the tensor vastus intermedius consistently fused into quadriceps

Methods: Ten cadaveric lower limbs were dissected. All muscle bellies of the extensor apparatus of the knee
joint were identified and traced distally until they merged into the quadriceps tendon.

Results: Six elements of the quadriceps muscle group form a tri-laminar structure of the quadriceps tendon. The
intermediate layer could be further sub-divided. The elements of the quadriceps tendon are-
1. lateral aponeurosis of the vastus intermedius,
2. deep and
3. superficial medial aponeurosis of the vastus intermedius...