New research suggests anti-viral role for anti-AXL candidate
The new findings were published today in Cell Reports by researchers from Inserm (the French national institute of health and medical research), and their collaborators including Aravive Biologics. The publication, entitled "AXL mediates ZIKV entry in human glial cells and modulates innate immune responses," reports that ZIKV entry into cells requires the AXL ligand, Gas6, which bridges the viral particles to glial cells, where the virus is then internalized. During virus entry of the cell, the ZIKV/Gas6 complex activates AXL kinase activity, which dampens the interferon response to the virus and facilitates infection. The researchers also report that ZIKV infection of human glial cells is inhibited by Aravive' s engineered AXL decoy receptor, Aravive-S6 (MYD1).