Newborn Delivered From Woman’s Abdominal Cavity
Abdominal pregnancy, where a fertilised egg gets implanted and grows in the abdomen instead of the main uterus cavity, is rare and occurs in just one in 10,000 live births. It is even rarer for such a pregnancy to reach an advanced stage because in most cases either the mother doesn’t survive the complications caused by the abnormality or the fetus itself dies due to lack of adequate blood supply and nutrition.

However, in a miracle of sorts, a woman from east Delhi recently delivered a healthy girl child that had developed in the abdominal cavity. Doctors at Aarogya Hospital, where the delivery took place three days ago, said they got to know about the abdominal pregnancy while operating on the woman.

Dr Anjali Chaudhary, senior consultant, obstetrics and gynaecology, at Aarogya Hospital, said, “The woman had undergone multiple ultrasound tests in the early stages of the pregnancy, but the doctors in her hometown couldn’t detect that the fetus was growing in the abdomen. By the time she approached us, the 32-year-old was already in an advanced stage of pregnancy and we couldn’t make the distinction either. But we did observe that it was a breech birth and, therefore, a decision was taken to deliver the baby through Caesarean section.”

As soon as the doctors opened the abdomen, they observed that the baby was not inside the uterus and it was an extra-uterine intra-peritoneal abdominal pregnancy. Simply put, the baby was outside the uterus and in the abdomen. “We had already given the incision, so there was no scope of turning back. We gathered an emergency team, arranged for extra units of blood and fresh frozen plasma and went ahead with the delivery. The baby was extracted by grasping the feet,” said Chaudhary.

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