Newborn with Gastroschisis associated with Limb Anomalies
In most cases, gastroschisis is an isolated defect.[1] In contrast, omphalocele is more likely to be associated with other major genetic or somatic malformations. In spite of widespread acceptance of a low rate of concurrent malformations with gastroschisis, a careful review on published data revealed the rates of malformation association with gastroschisis ranging from 5% to 27%.[2] We report two newborns with concurrent presence of gastroschisis and limbs anomalies.

A premature (35-weeks) baby girl was delivered by normal spontaneous vaginal delivery at a district hospital in Irrawaddy division, Myanmar in 2010. Her mother was a 22-year old primigravida with uneventful antenatal history. She had attended regular antenatal visits at a rural health center where ultrasound scanning was not available. She was non-smoker, non-alcoholic and had no history of medical illness. She did not take any medication except haematinics during the pregnancy. She was a housewife and had no history of exposure to radiation. Her husband was a 24-year-old farmer and was healthy. The baby was delivered with good APGAR score, weighing 2.4 kg....