News anchor enters hospital ICU to report on encephalitis an
Executive Editor of India Today and Aaj Tak has kicked up a massive storm on social media after her report from a hospital in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur.

Reporting on the encephalitis outbreak, which has killed over a 100 children in the district, the anchor reached Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital.

In several tweets shared by Aaj Tak and its Bihar subsidiary Bihar Tak on Twitter, she can be seen describing the state of a ward – how it was unhygienic with multiple children in each bed, and how everyone was left “bhagwaan bharose”.

However, what angered netizens is another clip where the reporter, who was now in the ICU, pulled up a junior doctor who was tending to patients, and started asking him about the infrastructural failures in the hospital, to the point that it turned from questioning to heckling.

Many on social media were concerned about how she was allowed to enter the ICU in the first place along with a camera, an act that might have interfered with doctors and nurses going about their duties.

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If anchors son or daughter would have been admitted over there ... would have been interesting scene .... infected by parents ha ha
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Kick out all of these vulture anchors out of the Hospital premises. Dont compromise on patients health. TV news reporters have shown their gisgraceful face in front of the people. Its time they should be thrown out of every single institution across India.
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