Niti Aayog's healthcare PPP model needs clarity: Hospitals
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Niti Aayog’s proposal to rope in private healthcare providers to diagnose and treat certain noncommunicable diseases in district government hospitals has received mixed reactions. While most private hospitals see the plan as constructive, successful public-private partnership (PPP) model in healthcare, some are wary because of the lacks clarity on the pricing structure. Many have even characterised PPP as ‘privatisation’.
Some hospitals are optimistic as it makes state governments more accountable if they default on paying their private partners through a penalty. While private hospitals required some provisions in the proposal to be clarified like the rates that can be charged to patients who aren’t covered by national or state insurance schemes. The draft suggests that where such insurance schemes aren’t applicable, patients cannot be charged over CGHS rates. Private players may also be hesitant due to the low CGHS rates and higher operational costs and stent price capping. RSBY rates are so low that only primary and secondary care services can be provided. This lack of clarity also leaves uninsured patients paying out of their own pockets vulnerable to profiteering.Therefore, a healthy mix of Govt/CGHS pricing for patients referred by the Government and free market pricing for self-paying patients is required to make the operational economics viable.
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This is good move especially in districts with out any government medical college. Health insurance coverage is going up and 50 beds NCD ward is going to be viable. let us optimally use private sector to meet health care needs at affordable prices.This would also unlock value of other ancillary services. Focus should be on keeping these hospitals asset light.
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