No Scientific Data So Far To Show Delta Plus Variant Adverse
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It will be unfair to put a date for any Covid wave as the behaviour of coronavirus is unpredictable and a disciplined and effective pandemic response can help the country get away from any significant outbreak, Covid Task Force chief V K Paul and Niti Aayog member said.

Amid rising concerns over the Delta plus variant of the virus, Paul, asserted that there is no scientific data so far to establish that the new variant is highly transmissible or reduces vaccine efficacy. He said that another wave of any size would be dependent upon several factors, including overall discipline in terms of Covid-appropriate behaviour, testing and containment strategies, and vaccination rates.

"If we are determined and disciplined and marshal effective pandemic response, we should be in a position to get away from any significant outbreak," Paul said. When asked about the Delta plus variant, Paul said scientific knowledge about it is still in the early stage. "The so-called Delta plus variant exhibits an additional mutation in the Delta variant and since this is a new variant, scientific knowledge is still in the early stage.

"Whether this additional mutation in the Delta variant is associated with increased transmissibility or excess severity of disease, or any adverse effect on vaccine efficacy is currently not established and we should wait for this information to emerge. "And we should wait for these aspects to be studied systematically," he pointed out.

Regarding the effectiveness of Covaxin and Covishield against the Delta variant of the coronavirus, Paul said that based on the scientific evaluation by the ICMR, both vaccines are effective against the coronavirus, including the Delta variant, which is presently the predominant variant in the country.

About the progress in Bharat Biotech's Covaxin application for getting emergency use listing (EUL) certificate from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Paul said the process is proceeding very well. On whether the government was looking at reducing the gap between two Covishied doses, the Niti Aayog member pointed out that the country has taken the decision to increase the inter-dose interval for Covishield to three months after careful evaluation of the scientific data.

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After taking two doses of covishild person suffers from corona do u advise revaccination by single dose agai after 3 months
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