No Side Effects Doesn’t Mean The Covid-19 Vaccine Is Not Wor
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most people who got the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine reported at least one systemic reaction. The vaccine has been nicknamed by some as the "Fauci ouchie." This isn't surprising since over 80% of those between ages 18 and 55 had some type of mild-to-moderate pain at the injection site.

By contrast, a systemic reaction is any reaction that goes beyond the injection site, that affects different parts of your body, potentially your whole body. So, of those 55 years and older in the sample, 1.4% had a fever, 34.1% fatigue, 25.2% a headache, 6.3% chills, 8.2% diarrhea, 13.9% muscle pain, and 8.6% joint pain. These numbers were higher for those between 18 and 55 years of age with 3.7% experiencing a fever 47.4% fatigue, 41.9% a headache, 14.0% chills, 1.2% vomiting, 11.1% diarrhea, 21.3% muscle pain, and 11.0% joint pain.

Keep in mind that none of the numbers listed above are even close to 100%. When about three-quarters of people reported some sort of systemic reaction, that still means that a quarter of people did not have any. Your lack of side effects doesn't necessarily mean that the Covid-19 vaccine is not working.

That’s because you can’t feel everything that your immune system is doing at all times. Your immune system isn't like a politician, trying to tell you everything it is doing for you at all times. Your immune system can do a whole lot of other things while not causing symptoms. For example, you can get infected with a virus yet have no symptoms.

It’s difficult to predict who will get side effects and who won’t. While the data does suggest that younger folks are more likely to experience side effects, don’t take not having side effects as a sign that you are not young. It is not clear whether women were more likely to formally report their side effects or if they indeed are more likely to have side effects.

Don't plan to do anything that requires significant concentration or effort in the days after vaccination. If possible, you may even want to take a few days off from work. If no side effects result, don't be disappointed.

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