No X-ray checks on organ packets
Harvested organs being flown to save a life elsewhere will not be delayed by security checks or damaged by X-rays at airports. The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security has come up with a standard packing protocol for hospitals to ensure speedy certification of the packet.

Organs harvested from a dead person and being flown to another place to save a life will soon stop facing security check hurdles at airports and be ensured of speedy transportation. The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has developed a protocol for packing organs in a way that they do not need to be X-rayed at airports - and hence not face the risk of being damaged in the process. Some months ago, a big box carrying a heart packed in a sterile bag surrounded by ice cubes did not pass through the X-ray scanner of a metro airport. The sterile bag containing the heart was then taken out for being passed through the X-ray....