‘No blood from gays’: Male donors to be asked about sex life
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A new and more exhaustive blood donor screening questionnaire will now require male donors to answer questions about their sexual behaviour and whether they have multiple partners. While a ban on gay men donating blood has existed in India for decades, this is the first time that the form spells out these questions in black and white.

Blood banks in Mumbai recently received the updated format from the state arm of the National Blood Transfusion Council that, in October 2017, had revised its guidelines pertaining to the selection of blood donors. The guidelines reiterate that gay and bisexual men, transgenders and female sex workers can never donate blood as they have a higher risk of contracting HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

The ban also applies to individuals suffering from chronic illnesses such as cancer, organ failure, allergies and respiratory ailments.

Staffers at the blood banks said the new questionnaire, designed on the lines of developed nations, has put them in a spot. The earlier format cursorily asked whether the donor had a reason to believe he or she may be infected by hepatitis, malaria, HIV or AIDS, or any venereal disease.

The new questionnaire mandates blood collectors to ask if the donor has “multiple sex partners or engaged in male to male sexual activity”.

Dr Shobini Rajan, in charge of blood safety at National Aids Control Organisation, said the new questionnaire merely intends to strengthen pre-donation screening as blood units are subjected to tests only after collection. “The Act is clear that donors cannot be at a high risk of contracting infections and donate blood too,” she said, adding that the SC verdict had no role to play here. “That’s a change in law. We have to see if it brings about any behavioural change,” she said.

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Read more: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/no-blood-from-gays-male-donors-to-be-asked-about-sex-life/articleshow/65957491.cms
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LGBT,Tattooed individuals&sex; workers are high risk.They shouldn' t donate
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Not many of us are aware of such a questionnaire in The North East of India.
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