‘No less than luxury hotel’: Delhi’s 1st Covid-19 patient on
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“It was unbelievable. The isolation ward at Safdarjung hospital was not what I imagined a government hospital ward to be. It was no less than a luxury hotel. The staff also maintained a high level of hygiene – cleaning all surfaces and changing linens twice a day,” 45-year-old Rohit Dutta, Delhi’s first Covid-19 positive patient who has recovered, said on Sunday.

Dutta, travelled to Italy mid-February to attend a leather exhibition with two of his brothers-in-law, who also got the infection and transmitted it to four other members of the family in Agra. All seven were admitted to Safdarjung hospital and were discharged on Saturday.

They reached Delhi on February 25 and the same night Dutta got a fever. He took paracetamol and went to bed. The next morning he visited the clinic of a local physician who prescribed medicines for three days. His symptoms subsided and he did not think too much of it. “February 28 was my son’s birthday and I organised a small get-together at the Hyatt. My wife, two children, and mother along with the families of two of my friends, whose children are my son’s classmates, were present,” he said. That night, he got a fever again.
By then, the news of a Covid-19 outbreak in Italy started coming in. “I got scared. My wife and a friend asked me to get tested. So we went to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital. There was a separate counter to fill out a form. I had to check the box that said I had fever. Others were coming and going but because I had fever, the doctors there asked me to get admitted,” said Dutta.

Next evening, he tested positive and was moved to Safdarjung hospital within 30 minutes. “The authorities are working very hard to contain the disease. Within 30 minutes of me testing positive, they were at my house to test my family members and the house of my friends. The next day they tested people at the school too,” he said.

Having access to a phone that he could use to video-call his family and watch Netflix, he did not feel disconnected during his 14-day isolation at the hospital that ended on Saturday. Dutta said he used to perform pranayam twice a day and read the ‘Chanakya Niti’ in the one-room setup allotted to him at the Safdarjung hospital, which has set up a two-storey isolation facility.

He recalled the phone conversation he had with Union health minister Harsh Vardhan on Holi.
“The health minister called me and wished me on Holi. He asked how I was feeling, whether I had any problems, whether I liked the food at the hospital. He said that he and the PM were personally monitoring the condition of all the Covid-19 patients. Imagine the health minister of the country calling! I am a common man,” he said.

Dutta hoped that his experience will encourage others to come forward if they have symptoms and accurately report their travel histories. “If they don’t they are risking their lives and that of his loved ones,” he said.

Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/delhi-s-1st-coronavirus-patient-lauds-govt-hospital-role/story-AUyOfGCihOaZo3pQMtCTDL.html
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