No nod to Patanjali products for Covid treatment: AYUSH mini
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A day after Patanjali Ayurved announced the launch of its Covid-19 medicines, the principal investigator conducting the clinical trials for the products said the trials were incomplete, while Uttarakhand’s AYUSH ministry said it had not approved these products for the treatment of Covid-19.

• India’s drug regulatory authority Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) says traditional medicines which include Ayurveda medicines don’t fall in its domain.

• “We have not given any approval. Also, it is not our domain. The state licensing authority of Uttarakhand must have given its clearance,” said a senior official.

• Uttarakhand AYUSH ministry said its approval letter did not mention coronavirus and it had only approved immunity-boosting and fever medication.

• “It is an interim report. So, calling it a cure is simply wrong. The sample size is very small. ” said Dr. Ganpat Devpura, professor of medicine at the National Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) in Jaipur, where the trials were conducted.

• Dr. Sharma said the interventions were tested on asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic patients. “The trials were conducted on 15-80 age groups and the mean age was 33-34 years. The trials showed 69% recovery in the active group and 50% recovery in placebo,” he said.

• Dr. Sharma said the results of the study were yet to be submitted to the Clinical Trial Registry of India (CTRI). “We will submit the details after we are through with the trials. This is going to take time,” he said.

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S●●●s M●●i Physiology
Sir when ayush ministry is also opposing it why you are blaming the allopathy????
Jun 26, 2020Like1
S●●●●m S●●●●a
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What the hell is going on, if there' s a medicine which cures the COVID19 positives, it must be approved it doesn' t matter who has invented it. Everyone is telling that "swadeshi apnao", medicine ki baat ati hai to swadeshi kyu na apnao, if results are good.
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Dr. .●●●●●h W●●h
Dr. .●●●●●h W●●h General Medicine
Indian fraternity have morons as Dr and Dr as moron.
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