No plans to extend lockdown period, says Cabinet secretary R
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Cabinet Secretary, Rajiv Gauba, said that there are no plans to extend the lockdown period beyond the current 21-day announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 24 to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

He expressed surprise on reports that the lockdown could be extended.

"I’m surprised to see such reports, there is no such plan of extending the lockdown," Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba said on reports that the lockdown could be extended.

The 21-day lockdown came into effect on the intervening night of March 24-25.

The government has asked all states and UTs to strictly enforce the lockdown in view of the huge exodus of migrant workers. It issued a set of measures to be implemented by local authorities to enforce the lockdown and to make sure that the migrant workers do not face any difficulties during the period of the lockdown.

The government has also constituted 11 empowered groups for planning and ensuring the implementation of Covid-19 response activities. The 11 teams will comprise 80 senior civil servants. The total number of cases in India has crossed the 1,100 mark.

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Dr. S●●●●h C●●●●●●●i
Dr. S●●●●h C●●●●●●●i Family Medicine
May be needed to extend---should be extended where cluster of cases are reporting-& gradual shift to normalcy not sudden on day 22.
Mar 31, 2020Like
S●●●●●●i S●●●●a
S●●●●●●i S●●●●a Dentistry
It should be we are getting so many positive cases.
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Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i
Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i Legal Medicine
With a growth (ie profit) of around 7\% in India, a lockdown of around thirty days (ie one month) will be equivalent to a stoppage of the profits of the country earned in around fourteen to fifteen months; this puts the country to losses of a period of more than one year, which amount is not in crores or even thousands of crores, but lakhs of crores of rupees. So, the decision of lockdown is not a simple decision. It has to be based on multiple factors, not just based on over caution relating to COVID19. If the lockdown is, or has to be, implemented globally, even I (in spite of not being an economic expert) can foresee huge inflation &/or economic crisis in the world. Can wearing of reusable good quality cloth masks universally, and quarantining of selected persons who are at high risk for COVID19 infection, be the right alternatives after a few days or even now? DEBATABLE ISSUE!!! EVERYONE, PLEASE DISCUSS THIS.... Read more
Apr 4, 2020Like