Normal delivery vs c-section
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Dr. Saumil Patel
Normal delivery vs c-section
Normal delivery Vs Caesarean...... Who will decide?

A. Patient B. Patient & relatives C. Doctor D. All together

Since last decade there is a lot of debate & allegation about increasing Caesarean section (delivery by operation) by a gynaecologist for some financial reason.
Here are some facts about delivery & caesarean section. Please read it carefully, understand it and then you vote here.

Before decades there are lots of normal deliveries are there & then gradually what happened that the caesarean delivery rate has increased?

What is changed?

Either the women have changed? Or the doctor or their way of practice has changed?

Important physical points:

Dear women;
1. Are you still doing the physical work what your mother had done during your delivery?
2. Are you strong enough to bear labour pain as your mother or any women who underwent normal delivery? Because almost 50% of caesarean are done due to labour dystocia because of non tolerance of labour pain or non progress of labour.
3. Have your food habit changed? (High carbohydrate, low protein, fruits, vegetables & cereals grown up with pesticides, soft drinks).
4. Still if we analyse the result the rate of caesarean delivery is gradually increasing according to the socio-economical class of patients. The poorer the patient higher rate of normal delivery and wealthier the patient higher chance of caesarean delivery. Two main reasons behind this are physical work & tolerance of pain.
5. Increasing numbers of caesarean deliveries are being performed for animals now a day...Cows, Buffalos, Dogs.... Why? Are there any financial constrains?

Important scientific points:

1. To reduce “Neonatal mortality rate” as compared to the developed countries.
More and more newborn are survived (premature, IUGR- low birth weight, minor congenital anomalies) because of better intrauterine diagnosis & better post delivery newborn care. These babies are not preferable for vaginal normal deliveries.
2. To reduce ‘’Maternal mortality rate’’ as compared to the developed countries. Difficult deliveries are tackled by operation to avoid maternal complication & sometime mortality.
(Visit this government website for data -

3. Statistical analysis: Increasing number of operation in subsequent delivery in a patient of first caesarean delivery due to repeated same indication like in first delivery. So overall number of total caesarean deliveries is increasing.
4. High risk pregnancies: Increasing number of pregnancies in Infertility patients by advanced infertility treatment like IUI or IVF. Pregnancies in women having medical complication like high blood pressure, renal diseases, jaundice etc... Where normal delivery itself is not indicated.

5. New indication (from patient side): On demand caesarean section by women herself. Because of a fear of pain, pelvic injuries & neonatal complication now a days lot many young mothers choose to go directly for elective caesarean delivery even before onset of labour pain.
6. Safe practice: As from patient side Doctor also do a safe practice and don’t want to take risk for any complication to mother or foetus. As in the era of increasing awareness amongst patients & relatives about various medico legal aspects and treatment options about their deliveries nobody wants to go for legal proceedings or assault on doctor or hospital.
So, dear friends, just trust your doctor.
When you are putting your life in doctor’s hand why don’t you trust him for his abilities, his knowledge, his experience & science?
As the diseases never warn you before you get it, complications are also not expected every time by doctor while treating you.
It just happens... but trust him, discuss him about various solutions.... you must succeed if you try.

Just be a good friend of your Doctor.
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