Not shortlisted for NASA, not a neurosurgeon nor opera singe
In the past 24 hours many news agencies have published stories on an Indian-origin woman neurosurgeon Dr. Shawna Pandya picked for NASA space mission. However, in her latest Facebook post, Dr. Shawna Pandya has made quite a few clarifications about her work and qualifications. Following are the clarifications of the misstatements:

1. Dr. Shawna is a teammate and crew member of the two projects - Project Possum and The PHEnOM but there are no new announcements, flight assignments or selections for the missions.

2. Her work is separate from the work of the Canadian Space Agency and that of NASA. While she has previously interned at NASA-Johnson Space Center, she has no current affiliation with either organization.

3. She was trained in neurosurgery for a short period, however her medical license is in general practice.

4. She has sang on an opera stage once, but is not an opera singer.

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