Notorious hepatic vein!!!
Gayathri Lekshmi
Notorious hepatic vein!!!
10 yr girl,presented with distented abdomen since 2 mon & lack of appetite. No h/o fever,vomiting, jaundice,bleeding from any site.Normal bowel n bladder movements.
O/E:stable,afebrile.pallor +,no icterus
P/A:firm non tender hepatomegaly 7 cm below the costal margin.
lab:raised liver enzymes n creatinine.
A:G reversed
ESR raised,peripheral smear insignificant
USG:hypertrophied liver,obliterated hepatic veins,mild splenomegaly
gi endoscopy: esophageal varices
guess the diagnosis....

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Portal hypertension
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Budd chiari syndrome
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Yes it is budd chiari syndrome
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