Novel smart needle system: Designed to reduce risk of filler
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In the very near future, Clinicians injecting dermal fillers on the face will have the benefit of a guided “smart” needle that senses blood vessels, thereby dramatically reducing the risk of adverse events such as necrosis and blindness.

When physicians inject the fillers, they hope experience and technique will enable them to avoid adverse events. If they inadvertently hit a blood vessel, the filler can actually occlude that vessel and cause either an infarct of the skin or, in certain serious cases, blindness. This is a challenging adverse event that every injector is focused on avoiding. While hyaluronidase is used as a rescue [medication] in certain cases, the risk is real. Vision abnormalities, including blindness, and necrosis are among the adverse events associated with dermal fillers that have been reported to the Food and Drug Administration.

S3 Inject is a sensing needle that can differentiate tissues such as fat, blood vessels, and muscle. Its proprietary algorithms provide immediate feedback via a micro LED light embedded in the needle hub. Results from recent human trials demonstrate that, as the needle tip passes through different biological tissues and fluids, it senses changes in specific electrical properties and with that information sends a very precise signal to the needle hub. With that information, the physician can make real-time treatment decisions.

Currently, in order to determine if the needle is in a blood vessel, physicians pull back on the syringe and look for a flash of blood. Needles provide an immediate response for a safer injection. S3 Inject is a breakthrough safety technology which will drive a better outcome for patients.

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