Novel technique: Posterior Hemivertebra resection and short-
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Congenital scoliosis is treated with posterior hemivertebra resection and short-segment fusion with pedicle screws, which requires pediatric-specific instrumentation. The aim of this research was to see how well cervical lateral mass screws worked instead of pedicle screws in treating congenital scoliosis in children under the age of 5.

In an IRB-approved retrospective chart review study, patients less than 5 years old with congenital scoliosis who underwent posterior hemivertebra resection and fusion with lateral mass screws were included. Demographic information, pre- and post-operative radiographs, complications, and outcomes were extracted from the charts.

--23 patients were included in the final analysis with a mean age of 40 months, of which 14 were female. Patients were followed for a mean of 51.3±13.2 months.

--The mean blood loss was 210ml, and patients were hospitalized for a mean of 4 days post-operatively.

--The correction rate of the main coronal curve, compensatory cranial curve, compensatory caudal curve, and segmental sagittal curve was 74.8%, 68%, 65.2%, and 68.9%, respectively.

--Three complications were observed: one intra-operative pedicle fracture, one case of implant failure, and one deep surgical-site infection, all of which were successfully managed.

In conclusion, these results indicate that in low-resource settings where pediatric-specific pedicle instruments are not readily accessible, adult lateral mass screws may be used for transpedicular fixation of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. In addition to being low-profile and less cumbersome than adult implants, the correction rate, results, and complications are close and comparable to pediatric-specific pedicle screws.