Now we would all be aware that it would take a lot of time f
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Dr. Vinayak Hiremath
Now we would all be aware that it would take a lot of time for a Vaccine or Medicine for COVID19 to be made available in the market & which would not be happening for atleast 6months.
So, the only option left for us is to stick to
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One such social vaccine is the procedure of having bath

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1)Initially a Cold Shower at the end of a normal daily shower for 4-5days to get used...

Actual Procedure...!

2)Stand with hands on the shower controls, water running over the neck and upper back.

3)Turn the hot water up until it is almost too hot, without burning.

4)Run the water on the upper back and neck until you are looking forward to cold water.

5)Quickly turn the hot water off and the cold water up, water still running on nape of neck.

6)Initially run cold until you have a sharp intake of breath and can say, “Wow that’s cold!”

7)Over several days, build up to 30 seconds, when you are ready for the Alternate Shower.

1)Is it the treatment for covid19?
No it’s just a daily practise to build your immunity to fight covid19

2)is it even scientifically proven ?
Yes lot of papers and research is already done.. for more details contact me..!*

*#Hydrotherapy #Covid19 #Revisiting100yroldpandemictheory*


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